Meditations on First Closet-philosophy

“I think, therefore I organize.” Many people in the after-paint industry – a branch of construction that is commonly referred to as “The Closet Dudes” – are fantastic organizers.  They can take a blank canvas of drywall and 90 degree angles and turn it into a masterpiece of function and design. Their brush is an electric drill, their medium is steel shelving, and with the flick of the wrist, the plumb of a level, they have created a personalized closet work of art.  At least, for now.


Unfortunately, fantastic organizers won’t do the average home owner a lot of good.  While they can  give you the ability to be organized, it’s you, the home owner, that must keep it that way.  Many professional after-paint specialist will not organize your closets and storage spaces for you after they have installed your new shelving system, but if you’re lucky enough to find one that will, and can afford them, then they still can’t provide the proper maintenance required to keep it organized.  That’s where implementing some short, simple procedures can keep your closet from becoming an eclectic disaster.


  1. Every day, hang up any clothes that have been cleaned, do not need to be cleaned, or have fallen down.  If your clothes fall often, consider purchasing good hangers. Remember to buy the proper hanger for you – hangers come in male and female.  Also, it’s important to “dispose” of your unnecessary clothing from time-to-time.  Two words – Yard Sale.


  1. Do not pile.  If you see a pile, take a minute or two and put it away.  Small piles turn into big piles, and big piles turn into an entire weekend of discerning where everything is supposed to go.  Stacks and piles are not the same thing, but beware of too many stacks as well.


  1. Keep trashcans available in every room of the house and/or near any flat surface that you commonly use.  My wife hates when I empty my pockets full of receipts, coins, golf balls, pocket knives, etc., onto my dresser.  By using this simple step, every day I dispose of the trash and put away the smaller items.  This will also help keep away that dreadful clutter.


  1. Keep a retail mind when storing items.  In a good retail store you would never see items for sale in front of other items.  For one, nobody will ever buy the item in the back, but also it makes it impossible to take an accurate inventory. You need to be able to see what you have in storage, so use as many totes, lists, labels, or whatever works best for you to keep your stuff visible. Labeling or listing can take time, but it’s well worth it.  Just be sure that once you take something out of a tote or box that is labeled for it, you put it back in the same tote.


There are many more steps to staying organized, so consult your local professional for more tips and tricks.  Remember that the number one key is to have a firm foundation to start with, so if your closets or storage spaces are poorly laid out, you will have a much harder job.  Once you get your areas set, organized, and neat, try implementing these steps so that they stay that way.


Jordan A. Karnes

General Manager

Virginia Installations, Inc.



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