What’s in Your Garage?

  I’m a garage kind of guy.  When my wife and I were looking to buy our first house her “must have” list included a formal dining room, a large kitchen, and hardwood floors. My list consisted of a garage.  I love garages, barns, out buildings, sheds;  they’re places where a man can go and […]

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Meditations on First Closet-philosophy

“I think, therefore I organize.” Many people in the after-paint industry – a branch of construction that is commonly referred to as “The Closet Dudes” – are fantastic organizers.  They can take a blank canvas of drywall and 90 degree angles and turn it into a masterpiece of function and design. Their brush is an […]

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Is A Bigger Closet The Answer To Your Storage Needs?

One of my customers in Harrisonburg recently called me up for a consultation on her closet shelving.  She wanted to convert an open space to a large closet in order to organize some articles she wanted to store away.  Normally, something like this is right up my alley, but I feel that it’s important to […]

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Low Cost Construction-Free Bathroom Remodel

Being considered an expert in organization, it’s strange how many people ask me questions about topics that are completely unrelated to organization.  Some of my favorite inquiries involve bathroom remodels.  Having some experience in that area throughout my career in hardware and construction, I always ask two basic quetions of my customers first before giving […]

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Custom Plastic Toilet Partitions: The Ultimate “Hiney Hider”

As a toilet partition salesman, I find myself constantly appraising the quality and condition of public restrooms unintentionally.  Most men have a goal of getting in and out as fast as possible while avoiding any eye contact and unnecessary conversation.  In fact, most people look at you like you’ve just spit in their eye if […]

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Custom Mirrors for a Custom Look

I’ve been in some sort of sales position my entire working career.   It goes with the territory that I often make sales call and answer questions about products.  Some of my favorite questions are ones that seemingly have an obvious answer which the questioner may not realize before asking:  “What color is this red […]

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Is Heavy Glass a Blessing or a Burden?

Jury’s out.  With every product available, custom heavy glass shower enclosures have pros and cons.  If you truly want a heavy glass door, most of the time you don’t care about the disadvantages because you want the luxury, however if you’re on the fence still, there are a few things that you need to consider. […]

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