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What’s in Your Garage?

  I’m a garage kind of guy.  When my wife and I were looking to buy our first house her “must have” list included a formal dining room, a large kitchen, and hardwood floors. My list consisted of a garage.  I love garages, barns, out buildings, sheds;  they’re places where a man can go and […]

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Meditations on First Closet-philosophy

“I think, therefore I organize.” Many people in the after-paint industry – a branch of construction that is commonly referred to as “The Closet Dudes” – are fantastic organizers.  They can take a blank canvas of drywall and 90 degree angles and turn it into a masterpiece of function and design. Their brush is an […]

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Is A Bigger Closet The Answer To Your Storage Needs?

One of my customers in Harrisonburg recently called me up for a consultation on her closet shelving.  She wanted to convert an open space to a large closet in order to organize some articles she wanted to store away.  Normally, something like this is right up my alley, but I feel that it’s important to […]

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