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Is Heavy Glass A Blessing Or A Burden?

Jury’s out. With every product available, custom heavy glass shower enclosures have pros and cons. If you truly want a heavy glass door, most of the time you don’t care about the disadvantages because you want the luxury, however if you’re on the fence still, there are a few things that you need to consider.

Though they can be beautiful and luxurious, heavy glass doors have some limitations. Heavy glass doors for instance can’t be installed in fiberglass unless you use a hybrid. If you have a fiberglass shower, you may want to consider not using a heavy glass door. That being said, if you plan on making a tile shower, remember to add blocking in your stud walls before putting up the cement board or you won’t have anything in which to screw the door hinges. They’re called heavy glass doors for a reason and you don’t want that hinge swinging on just tile and anchors. Also, remember that heavy glass doors are a lifestyle choice more than anything. I tell all of my customers, “ heavy glass doors are guaranteed 100%… to leak.” They’re either frame-less, use U-Channel on the tile, or are grouted into place, but either way they don’t have a way to seal the glass against the door and still swing both in and out. Just be aware of the trade offs: leaks for looks.

The reason that people still use heavy glass doors, even with all their faults, is because they look amazing. If you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on your tile, you want to be able to see it with as few obstructions as possible, and a frame-less heavy glass door accomplishes just that. They also give people a sense of security because of their weight, and they can be just the trick for people who are tall and constantly his their head because they have no header.

If you want a heavy glass door, weigh your pros and cons. Consult experts, decide what type of atmosphere you want for your shower. Perhaps a heavy glass door is just the thing that you need, but always be aware of the other options available. The most important thing to remember with any shower remodel or new build is that this will be yours once it is done. Get whatever shower door you want to complete your overall design and vision, but be aware of the possibilities and options available to you.


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