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Low Cost Construction-Free Bathroom Remodel

Being considered an expert in organization, it’s strange how many people ask me questions about topics that are completely unrelated to organization. Some of my favorite inquiries involve bathroom remodels. Having some experience in that area throughout my career in hardware and construction, I always ask two basic quetions of my customers first before giving them any advice: “Do you want to renovate or update,” and “Are you satisfied with your tub, vanity, and toilet.” The answers to these questions often times determines what type of remodel the customer is looking to perform.

Most of the time when customers are ready to remodel their bath they want all new everything, sometimes even new space, but sometimes when discussing a project with customers I discover that what they really want is just a fresh look on a low budget. This is what I call a “construction-free” bathroom remodel, and just about anyone can do it. It involves removing your old faucets and fixtures, your old bath hardware and towel bars, applying some fresh paint, and a few small touches to make your old bathroom look more modern.

The key when performing a remodel like this is to replace everything that is easily replaceable, but to keep your current vanity, toilet, tub or shower. This will significantly reduce your overall cost of remodel. The main things to replace then are the sink faucet, the shower head, tub spout if you have one, shower/tub faucet handles and trim, toilet handle, towel bars, toilet paper holder, towel rings, shower door (if applicable) or shower rod, mirror or medicine cabinet trim, and floor mats. While the list of what to replace may seem daunting, remember that if you were to renovate the entire bath you would be replacing all of these things anyway.

Remember as well to replace the fixtures with matching hardware. This is one of the few times that you may want to consult an expert to see what is available. An installation expert could advise you to the latest styles or trends and make helpful suggestions like if you replace your chrome faucet with an oil rubbed bronze faucet, to also replace your chrome towel bars and towel rings with oil rubbed bronze or dark bronze matching bath accessories to complete the look. Small touches like new toilet seat or cover, new rugs, new curtains, new paint or even new wall paper can really enchance the feel of the room. Once you have bought and installed, or had installed, all your new products, then it’s time to just sit back and enjoy your construction-free updated- but not renovated- bathroom remodel.


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